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What is Linux VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is an intermediate hosting solution between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS hosting provides you a dedicated virtual server but the hardware resources are shared among many such virtual servers. It is more flexible compared to a shared server and is more cost effective compared to a dedicated server. A VPS hosting created on Linux platform is called a Linux VPS hosting. Linux VPS hosting provides an ideal and economic hosting solution.
Linux is open source software, hence reduces the license cost. It is free for everyone to use. The developer code is available for free and hence can be customized according to the user preference. Linux VPS hosting can be done on any one of the Linux OS such as Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS, Debian and Fedora. Linux VPS hosting is reliable since the operating system does not get infected by virus easily. It can shield your virtual server from virus and hackers. Hence Linux VPS hosting is more reliable. Linux VPS hosting is flexible and can be managed and maintained easily. Linux VPS systems can be optimized to achieve maximum efficiency in storage capacity. Thus programs installed on the virtual servers can be optimized to use less resource. Linux VPS hosting supports Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP programs (LAMP). Linux VPS hosting allows you to install, reboot, and change configurations and other settings without affecting the other virtual servers. Hence it gives you the feel of working on a dedicated server. Software and programs can be installed without any restrictions.
The Linux VPS hosting providers mostly provide round the clock service to customers for query related to your virtual server. The Linux VPS hosting provider manages your VPS and also takes regular backups of your server. Setting up a Linux VPS is easy. You need to just order it from a hosting provider and it will be delivered within few hours. Shifting from one Linux VPS provider to another is also easy.
Linux VPS hosting is known to be the cheaper than Cheapest VPS hosting. Many small business owners who cannot afford for expensive dedicated hosting services can rely on Linux VPS hosting service as it is more cost effective. If you are familiar with Linux commands and coding, Linux VPS hosting will be the best option for your server requirements. Linux VPS hosting is the most reliable and economic VPS hosting.

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