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Tips For Using WordPress On Your Website

downloadWordPress is probably the most convenient system to make and maintain your own web page. Simple to use and offering the ability to immediately update and publish information, it allows website owners to ensure their websites are correct, current and up to date.

The main 7 activities to create and upgrade your web page are:

1. Set up WordPress – first you need to go to the WordPress web page, simply click install and following the guidelines, download, open and extract the files to use WordPress. These information then need to be submitted onto your server. After creating your password and username, the install is run which needs you to make a title, complete the upload and then open your web page in the admin settings using the details you have just chosen.

2. Admin Panel – once active and installed, the admin panel is the first screen seen on lo-gin where you perform all of your activities for your web page. The admin panel is nothing like the actual web page as it displays the menus and programming behind your website. This is where you can place headings, logos, images, new pages, posts, widgets etc. for your website or “blog”, the common name for an information web page.

3.Website Theme – there are thousands of themes available for your website in different colors, templates, images and styles. select a one you would like to look at and it is applied directly away, enabling you to view, consider and, if you wish, change again the details until you are happy.

4. Website Posts – in the admin settings, by selecting “Add Posts”, a screen comes to be enabling you to place a headline for your post, a box to add the material as well as various formatting buttons, similar to those used in the most typical word processing programs. Once you have entered in your material or cut and copied and pasted this from another program such as Note pad, by simply clicking the “Publish” key, your post seems to be immediately on your web page.


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