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The 5 Keys to an Effective Website Design

When you hire a website development firm, expect to work closely with them to create the right web presence for your business. Site development is a team effort, and there are several things you need to know and work with your developer on, to make your site work well.

1. Your site should have a professional design. Your web design firm handles this part of the process, but they will need your input about what you like and what you want. The more you can show and tell them, the better.

2. Your website should have a clear message and value proposition. Visitors who enter your site on the front page should know immediately who you are, what you do and why they should care. Make the copy about the benefits for the customer. If your designer doesn’t write copy, this will be your responsibility, or that of a copywriter you hire.

3. Your site needs to have a clear structure and navigation. You will lay this out with your web designer. The actual construction of the navigation and structure of the site is the designer’s job, but you will provide the information for the site and specify the pages to be included.

4. The information on your site needs to be well organized. This goes a step beyond the navigation, which just shows how to get to something. This includes organizing pages as sub-pages and groups of pages and linking to them logically. Again, you will work on this alongside your designer.

5. Your website should be designed to get visitors to do what you want them to do. Whether your call to action is a signup form or an order form, it should be positioned where customers will see it and where it is convenient for them to use. This usually means at the top of the page (“above the fold”), in the left or right corner. Your web designer will position your call to action according to your wishes.

Working closely with your web designer, whether a web design Chicago or another design group, will help you create a professional, effective web presence.

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