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3 Usability Principles Of Your Web Design

images (3)The major concentration of every web designer is to build an efficient, attractive, understandable and creative design. At times, it becomes difficult to balance it but the entire aim for having a web page is to serve the clients on priority basis before concentrating on other things like SEO. The web designers focus on the bounce rate which informs that the chance of customer coming back when he visits the web page from an online search engine or other off-site link, and will he come back or not. Mostly users don’t get navigate and don’t come back. To avoid this occurring to your web page, you need to carry out the following design aspects to improve the look, user-friendliness and transformation rate and reduce the bounce rates.

1. First impact
Through your web design, you signify your company and display your brands and products. Customers usually look for company stability and balance, professional and reliable design, pleasant and friendly approach and the main company concept rotating the structure. With efficient designing, you can create your company first impression count on your target market. Make efficient use of the typography, layout, color techniques and font size.

2. Designing tips
Basic designing elements are typography, layout, animation, color scheme, multimedia and flash. Layout symbolizes page organization in organized grid fashion for easy navigation; also making use of negative spacing. Typography enables the design to become readable to the viewers. Go for viewers comfort and select sans-serif font. Carefully select your font type, color and dimension. Choose colors assisting the company theme and enhancing the design and ads. Take advantage of flash and animation with care, if incorrectly or over-used it can become reason for viewers diversion and irritation.

3. Use pictures
Convey your company themes by using appropriate, high-quality and personalized pictures. This is a good way to express business concept to the viewers, making a powerful relationship with business concept and pictures at subconscious level. Use pictures smartly and occasionally in your web design without depending on them intensely.



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