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“16 Crucial Website Must Haves”

This information has given rise to Shop Online Success Blueprint Ali Brown, where he talked about ideas for things to talk about in your ezines, I had this idea to the theme, because each customer with the coaches that I need a new website or we need to update their existing website – all! So, take a good look at your site for some of these …

What I have found over the last 6 years in the industry are:

– 95% of web designers, no sales and marketing focused (ie, can not help determine the best way to present or enter the site to get the best results in the target market)

– 99% of them do not provide a Content Manager Editors / (which is vital for us, entrepreneurs can come in and make changes in the middle of the night, etc. – simply do not have access to this type of technology)

– Many of them will not help you understand how your site flow with the rest of your marketing, network control, direct transmission, speaking, sales, etc. (which means you can not not end up helping you fill the funnel)

– 97% of them have no idea what an opt-in box is! (It’s amazing to me!) Business

Now I’m not trying to RAG is a web-designers out there, I mean a couple the whole time, and frankly, I have many web designers as clients come to me, so they can learn these things and more efficient with our customers and it’s great because it means that there are more marketing education does not end designers.

Once you’ve found the right web designer (who, unfortunately, most of us do not first), then you must also make sure they agree with and / or are aware of the following 16 essential are essential for your site (if not, keep seem correct?). Your site should:

Be the first easy to find on search engines

2. More traffic to your website

3. Increase your income (people visiting the site that you access the list)

4th Be continually updated with new exciting content rich keyword

5th Be professionally designed and maintained (not by you!)

6th Built with you in mind

7th Increase your exposure in your region or country

8. They have the functionality that users need and want

9. Use extreme care to get every page, especially the home page

10th Have a way for visitors to register on your list to build your database

11. To offer free resources to keep visitors coming back

12. It offers links and content that generates interest and repeat visits

13. Continue to build a relationship with your visitors, customers and prospects

14th You have an easy way to contact you

15. Tell your story and why you do what you do

16. Allows people to trust and know you

17. For 100 million other things as well … but you will need to contact me for more information!

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