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Killer SEO strategies for your new website, how to get success from day one

It’s always a difficult task when you have a brand new website to get it to perform in the search engines. We hope to put that to bed with our excellent tips in this SEO related post. Sometimes you will find many SEO experts don’t want to share some of this information, however in this particular instance we managed to get this info from one of the best SEO specialists the UK has to offer, it’s a few very simple but effective things you can do to get the best search engine optimised website from the go ahead.

Keep it simple with the navigation

When setting up your websites navigation, make it simple and use a drop down menu should you need to. You will find that search engines much prefer a low amount of pages to crawl, by setting up your site structure like this then you show Google which are the most important pages on your website. Narrow it down to the most important pages of your website.

Link naturally when your talking about something

Don’t just randomly add links wherever, if you want the SEO to be successful then when your talking about something just put a link to the relevant page, that’s all you need to do!

In your footer keep the most important pages of the site in mind, this also helps usability with people being able to access all of the pages from wherever they want to.

Brake up the text in the nicest possible way

If you have huge chunks of text then your probably not going to get that far in Googles good books, keep it short and snappy to keep the readers interest. The most important thing about this is that you understand that search engines don’t just want to see word after word they want a bit of substance.

The best way to brake up text is to put relevant images within it. Back up what your saying so your viewer is happy, don’t make a mountain out of an seo molehill!

Finally get your friends to test our your website, another tip is to view other competitors website, see how they do it and get ideas to find out what yours might be lacking.


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