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Increase traffic with SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a special technique using computer software, used to increase the visibility of a web page or a web site in a search engine’s natural or organic (unpaid) search result. The companies which perform this task are known as Search Engine Optimizers. There are many SEO companies, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Google is the most dominant occupying about 90% market share in Europe and America. It is also the most dominant worldwide. Only in China, Japan, South Korea, Czechoslovakia and Russia Google is lagging behind. Baidu, Yahoo-Japan, Naver, Yandex and Seznam are respectively the leading SEO’s there.

Not all SEO companies are reliable. There are some companies who use unethical means in order to enhance business activities. Ethically Search Engine Optimization is a scientific effort to connect the users with the most relevant site or information out of the vast pages floating in the World Wide Web. This technique depends upon some signals and sub signals of the pages. The unscrupulous parties play deceptive means like hiding. This they do by making the color of the text similar to that o the back ground. They may also do it by positioning off the screen. In another way they give a different page when requested by a search engine. But if requested by a human the original page is given. These techniques are known as ‘cloaking’. These are all deceptions and damage the very purpose of the SEO plan. These methods are not approved. Though there is no written documents about approved and unapproved methods, but if caught these SEO’s are penalized. Their web site may be got removed. They may also be debarred from access to the data base of major companies. The customer suffers by believing the tall promises of the company.

The industry commentators have broadly categorized these techniques into two parts. One those who follow approved technique in designing are called white hat. The others who use deceptive and unapproved technique are called black hat.

The penalties of using black hat technique may be awarded automatically or through manual review.

Though SEO can generate a high return on investment, still too much dependence on SEO may sometimes cause embarrassment. Search Engines are not paid for organic search traffic, their algorithms also go on changing and there is no guarantee of continual referrals. Any time if search engines stop sending traffic or web page ranking suffers due to change in algorithm, resulting in serious loss of traffic, the business may suffer major losses. In 2010, Google has made 500 changes in algorithm.

As an international marketing strategy SEO takes into account how search engine works, what people search for, the actual search terms or key words entered by users into search engines and which search engine is preferred by the targeted users. SEO may carry out different types of search like image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search, industry specific vertical search.

Once you select a reliable SEO company, the next step is designing your web page. A well designed web page should be able to send good many signals to the algorithm in order to enhance the ranking and thereby visibility of the page. The important points to be taken care of are:

Key words: This is the first and foremost signal for the crawler or the spider software. You must create it in such way as to speak of the very content of the page. The users while desiring to search the content should invariably enter those words in the search engine. Other signals are title, number of links, reputation etc.

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