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Do you need to hire an SEO agency?

Not getting the hits you need on Google? Wondering why no one is finding your business? There could be a number of reasons for this. There are the basic things you must cover, which include site map submissions, search engine submissions, and basic on-page tactics. But when those aren’t enough you need to utilize link building tactics. Domain authority is and always will be the most important factor in ranking high in search engines. It’s hard to convince Google that your page is important if other sites aren’t even linking to you. While many businesses know that building links is an important part of any SEO campaign they often wonder how to go about it.

Hiring an agency for link building

There are a number of reasons to hire an agency to build links. For one, they have more resources at their disposal. Many times they have many people working on a campaign and have most likely dealt with web masters in the past, giving them leverage to place high authority links on relevant sites that help boost your business’s rankings. There are also some downsides to to an agency. Hiring a respected firm often comes with a heavy price tag. They have to deal with overhead and hiring new people, in turn you’re the one that will have to make up for the slack.

Using a Consultant for Link Building

If you want to save some money sometimes hiring a consultant is the way to go. The disadvantages to this is that a consultant may sometimes lack the resources to properly ramp up a SEO campaign in a timely fashion. Depending on how you utilize the consultant the best method may be to have them work in a semi full-time capacity where they come into your business, work with your product and marketing teams and adult their SEO strategy accordingly.

It Comes Down To Money

Just like everything else in life with SEO, “you get what you pay for”. People who try to go cheap will often hire an Indian SEO company that in the end will provide little to no long-term value. This is also often the case with web development, people think it’s a viable alternative to outsource their entire website design process and end up getting left with a pile of garbage.

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