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Compress Your HD Videos & Convert from MKV to MP4 Quickly: Use Movavi Video Converter

video converterFor people looking to get their HD videos get converted to different formats there’s a lot of options available online. Movavi for one is an excellent platform to compress HD-videos and save them in formats like MP4, NTSC, MOV etc. You can easily convert MKV to MP4 format with it.

Why convert at all? While MKV remains a strongly preferred format it lacks wider use for the simple fact that most mobiles and smartphone devices still do not support it. In fact there are so many PC users who are still not using MKV files. Another reason for this may be that MKV files are usually very heavy and so not good enough to play smoothly. Transcoding MKV videos into MPEG-4 files lets you have a format that can play almost on any kind of platform.

The Movavi Video Converter is software that allows precisely this, without compromising on video quality. The video converter is available in both, the Windows friendly and the Mac OS compatible versions.

Steps to Install & Use Movavi Video Converter

  • Download and open- install the Movavi Video Converter installation file for Windows
  • Click on and open any file required to be converted by choosing the ‘Add Video’ option. The converter supports batch conversion so a whole lot of video files can be selected and converted in one go.
  • Click on ‘Convert to’ to go through list of formats supported. Here, choose ‘More presets for formats> MP4’ option and see list of MP4 presets. Make selections based on preferences.
  • Specify ‘Destination’ folder for saving converted file and click on ‘Convert’. By default converted files get saved to Movavi Library folder.

This converter can be used for extracting audio from a video and lets user cut-join media files and even share them online. Videos for more than 200 devices can be saved.


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